NVFD reflects its members’ deep commitment to their community. If you share this commitment, there are many ways to support our efforts, from contributions of financial support, to donations of expertise through our newly formed Fire Corps, to joining the ranks of the NVFD active responders or Ladies Auxiliary. We welcome you to contact us at info@nicasiofire.org to discuss the options described below or any other contribution you think will benefit our organization.

We‘re an all volunteer organization, but we still have bills to pay. As a 501C3 organization, the NVFD’s modest annual budget is funded by a combination of donations, community fundraisers and state, local and federal grants. Your donation, at whatever level, is tax deductible and greatly appreciated. Click HERE for NVFD's 501c3 letter.  Thank you!


Since its inception, the NVFD has relied on the fundraising prowess of Ladies Auxiliary to support our operations. The annual NVFD BBQ, planned and executed by the Ladies Auxiliary, is the largest social event in the community as well as our largest fundraising event. The event combines ample food and drink, musical entertainment, a silent auction and more. This year, the BBQ will once again take place at the Rancho Nicasio, the center of social life in our community and where the NVFD has its humble origins over 60 years ago. For more information about how you can join or support the Ladies Auxiliary, please contact auxiliary@nicasiofire.org.

active responders wanted

The core of NVFD is the team of men and women who donate their time, energy and enthusiasm as active responders. For those who can make the commitment, this is the most important and rewarding way to support NVFD. There are several different types of active responder each with its own training requirements, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the options for getting involved. Send email to info@nicasiofire.org and we’ll contact you directly. Important: Due to limited resources, NVFD only accepts applications for this role from those who live or work within (or immediately adjacent to) our response area.


Fire Corps

Do you have experience as a Mechanic? Health professional? Grant writer? Community organizer? Teacher? NVFD’s new Fire Corp is designed to leverage the diverse expertise that resides in our community. Fire Corp volunteers dedicate their talents and time around focused projects and work closely with NVFD officers to maintain department readiness. To learn more, contact us at firecorps@nicasiofire.org. We welcome your ideas about ways in which you might be able to contribute.